a tale (poem) Friday Night Poetry Corner #54

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Welcome everyone to another one of the poetry corners. Friday Night Poetry Corner # 54. This fantastic poet “charlypriest” has an amazing off beat brilliance to his words. The poem is called “A Tale.” Enjoy and visit his blog when you have the time.

Or just make the time, take care and enjoy the holiday season. Oh, to my fellow Jews/Hebrews; Happy Hanukkah!


Listen closely to this tale
that I´m about to tell
since i´m a visionary
and that should be kind of scary

Now, let´s unveil this tale….

It is one tough act to follow
and even tougher to make them swallow

When they say you can´t win, the house of cards
are staked against you and about to fall on you with the wind
wind of injustice it just is, life is,
not fair so deal with this…….

Staying true to yourself and saying what is the truth
which most likely than not will work against you
but that should not scare you…….

Stay true to oneself and, whatever the outcome, inside you,
you will know and be at peace and hold on to that rock solid shelf

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

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