-21: When You’re Gone (Friday Night Poetry Corner #269)

Good evening everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry corner, the last one of 2021. Today, a wonderful writer, Dr. Prafulla K. Panda gives us this poem called.— “-21: When You’re Gone.” Quite fitting eh?

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At the break of dawn
You’re gone
Into an inaccessible region
Where from none doth ever return

Together we ‘re
Since the day I celebrated your birth
Life got an aid of cheers and fun
And swayed like a drunkard with a stein of rum

At once, my tears dried up and vanished into heaven
Unknown how it welled up again
And like August rain heavily rained on
Before I knew you’d grown wanton

That day you proudly slipped away
Into a far off land
On return, carried a cart load of pain
When lakhs slain, yon deserted plain

Quite puffed up then
When with COVID you walked in tandem
Although you’re around but I missed
For I, unlike you, lot afraid, didn’t proceed

Only yesterday, you coughed and feeble grew
I came and embraced you
To count memories from pool of tears ye rued
For together we spent the…

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