The Endgame of endgames—I think?!

There is always an "endgame" to a story.  Something to close everything out in dramatic fashion or sometimes in an "anti-climax" way.  You could look as a finally explanation to all you read, making sense of seem to be "holes" in the plot.   The endgame may not always be the last page of a story; … Continue reading The Endgame of endgames—I think?!

Drug Paved Streets (Friday Night Poetry Corner #60)


Good day everyone!!
Yep we are a day later but hey it’s still the weekend for another Friday Night Poetry Corner #60!!! This work is from the blog site “Poetry on a Roll” which features a lot of life, social awareness poetry that I no doubt you would enjoy. “Drug Paved Streets.” I don’t know who the poet is but check out the site and this poetry on realism. It is not long but the effects of its theme will be with you for a time…

Poetry On A Roll

Ghetto streets paved with drugs,
wonderful people under hypnosis.
Money makes the world go ’round
the lies the good ‘ole american government
sells for greed, control, and wealth.

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