5 Biting Cold Haikus (Friday Night Poetry Corner #51)


Greetings everyone and everybody!!
Welcome to another edition of Friday Night Poetry Corner #51. This is a very good piece of poetry called “5 Bitting Cold Haikus” by N.K Hasen. I am feeling this on many levels; mostly due to the very cold weather we are experiencing here in D.C.

Again, nice poem, great theme and imagery. Enjoy, and please visit this poets page when you can..

Poetry by Hasen

Biting cold comes
Creeping silently in night
Making me shiver.

Cold winds whip around
As I shiver in my coat–
I want to go in.

Winter comes in
Bringing fridge cold blowing wind
Freezing the ground hard.

Bundle up in coats
Trudge through the cold biting wind
For a quick dog walk.

Stinging like a bee
Cold air stings my face, hands, toes
Through my many layers.

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Humanity Lost (Friday Night Poetry Corner #50)

Art of Shadows by Kumi Yamashita
Art of Shadows by Kumi Yamashita

Greetings everyone! Welcome again to Friday Night Poetry Corner #50. I missed a week due to other situations but we are halfway in displaying intelligent, creative poetry. This poem “Humanity Lost” by Dominic R. DiFrancesco is continuing the same theme of brilliant writing. The voice of this work speaks to all, well to the ones who would listen. Listening is the first step to understanding and hopefully its mark would be left that progress any, some kind of thought…
Enjoy and visit Mr. DiFrancesco’s blog. More well-written poems of humanity’s sake.

Dom DiFrancesco

Humanity lost
Our dignity up for sale
What little is left
Elected to destroy us
By the uninformed
More sad than ever
I fear our future
You will see what you have done
By supporting these devils
Schools will be sold for profit
Security privatized
Healthcare back in greedy hands
This is what you chose
You gullible Red Foxes
Believing the spin
Selling your best interests
For six long years full of lies
I hope you’re happy
For now our children suffer
At your bloody hands
Left to live worse than you did
Goodbye American Dream

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

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