Haiku poetry XXVI by Sensualism (Friday Night Poetry Corner #255)

Good evening everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. Today I am featuring a haiku from a poet name Sensualism. The name of it is called Haiku poetry XXVI. I know you guys will like it and please visit this writer’s page from more of their work!


A sky of emptied tears

Nightfall turns warmth into winter –

A wan smile – soothing

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On Location Series #28-Mount Calvert Historical & Archaeological Park

Mount Calvert's has a rich archaeological past, boasting historical resources of human ethos.  The evidence showed that Native Americans were present from the Archaic and the Woodland Period.  They were primarily hunters and gathers who lived around the Upper Patuxent River to crop the river's natural resources.  Around the 1600s was when European settlers appeared. … Continue reading On Location Series #28-Mount Calvert Historical & Archaeological Park