Clouding the lining (Friday Night Poetry Corner #275)

It wasn't pleasing… Secular veinExisting between shadowy lightHate the look of seeingLight hated to escapeThe blessing of a darken day He asked for onlookersHe wanted all to knowHe was still thereHe stood with luminescenceBut trapped within iniquity It was a cloudy dayBut confused with dusk… It was a sunless momentDestin for Clarity? -K. G. Bethlehem

the snow will not last – by tierneybrook (Friday Night Poetry Corner #274)

Welcome everyone to another Friday Night Poetry corner. This week I am featuring a lovely poem called “the snow will not last-” by tierneybrooke. Please visit this writer’s page and read more of their work. Well, written works!


soon the rusted birds will be safe

from the water spouting from the rooftops

in hails of needles,

and in the New World

you can smell the daffodils

amongst the fruit and vegetables,

the scent sprouting up

out of the white tiled floor.

the earth strains, makes promises to us.

leaves age and sag in gutters,

the stainless colours of the louvre.

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