Friday Night Poetry Corner #270

“They always have my back, and I'll have yours," Missing this scene so greatly… Masking the feeling of freedomOf others. Broken promises made by the authority. Begging for support in the upcoming season of power exchange Stepping between the green grass Showing on the coldness of winter ice. Shadow conversationsBack room corrupted bargainingsIn the new … Continue reading Friday Night Poetry Corner #270

Upcoming novel by F. Kenneth Taylor

*** AMUNTA ZAGLHOUL WINGSUITS INTO BRAZIL *** Final Approach: Fortaleza City, Brazil: 0900hrs The steady hum of the C-130 was all too familiar to her and she could tell from the slight vibrational shift, they were close. The cargo bay lights switched from white to red just as her comms unit chimed. She tapped her … Continue reading Upcoming novel by F. Kenneth Taylor