Sir Ramsey of Karl…

“I firmly believe in the gods of kind,” articulated Sir Ramsey.  “The same ones you in all mercy granted the existence of Will Have Thoughts, the belief of others in becoming the greater beings of themselves.  I remembered, in clear thinking, of the past days.  The time of noble and honor mask in humility.  Those … Continue reading Sir Ramsey of Karl…

Wind (Friday Night Poetry Corner #267) by Ralph with coffee

Good ev ening and welcome to yet another Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week I am featuring a poem for the current season but with an underlying theme. I want you to figure it out and enjoy this well written poem written by a thoughtful writer— Ralph with coffee.

Please visit Ralph’s page and read more of his works.

Ralph with Coffee

cold winds rushes in
dead tree leaves in mid-air
dancing in a whirl wind

your warmth, so longed,
dwells in a prism of memories
still waiting, still charming

perhaps, one day,
our hands will touch.


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