Music is good for your video game?

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I love video game music. I just completely connect with them and it all stemmed from my childhood. Certain songs fit my mood at the time but not just a short duration. Sometimes they connected longer term due to something happening to me at that time which could be longer than several months.

Or even a year you dig’

I know some of y’all remember the bumbling soundtracks of the original Nintendo. Or even the stereo of Sega Genesis or Panasonic 3DO?? I know compared to our present contemporaries its like a vanilla cup of ice cream standing next to a funnel cake hot fudge sundae. Unfair!

I want share some insight in what I believe is great music and why. Here is my top 7 picks starting with the least to the greatest. Feel free to comment and list some of your favorite video game songs/soundtracks. I look forward to see what you all have.

Let’s start with—

  1. Star Wars “Knights of the Old Republic” Bastila Shan’s theme

This one is so freaking cool, nostalgic, and down right sad. Image an old skool’ jazz player from St. Louis, MO vibing with an opera singer from Italy. George Lucas of course is directing the flow of the melody which to me is bending time and causing reality falter and stand up. The perfect unbalance song. Thanks John Williams!


  1. Kid Icarus “Castle Theme”

I just saw someone playing this game from YouTube and man it was like me being transported back to the parents house. Great memories. This song in particular stuck in my head for over 25 years and I had no idea where it came from. Well until today; crazy…


  1. Finial Fantasy VII “Anxious Heart”

This song—this game—took me to a far away place. It was my 2nd year in college and I played this game for an entire semester. I could not get enough of it. I personalized each character to people who were close to me at the time. The song was solid, just a floating melancholic tune that hasn’t left me at all, even at present day.


  1. Halo 2 “Remembrance”

I wasn’t a big fan of the game and to be honest, I only played part 2. This song here is that damn song. I can see how someone who was in the military could feed off of its melody. It is calm yet honorable—or honor loss??


  1. Skyrim “Far Horizons”

My first of two Elder Scroll 6 “Skyrim.” This effectively made me feel as if I was actually on the battlefield. The song is soft yet hard. Striking yet defensive. A duality of the mind I could say, if I want.


  1. Finial Fantasy VIII “Drifting”


Just listen and you will see why.




  1. Skyrim “The Streets of Whiterun”

I remember when I walked in the township of Whiterun and this music came one—Damn. I mean prior I barely escape from a town that was attack by a dragon. Then while running to Whiterun I was getting attack by animals and some demons. Finally reach safety and this music open up as the gates of the township open up. It was relaxing, settling after a narrow escape. Skyrim with all of it splendor to the visual eye the game play along was on another level. Now my other adventure were more peril but I never forgotten my entry into the township. Even when I heard the whispers of “Dragonborn..”


Thanks again for walking into the mind of me with eyes wide shut..

I value your feedback, please leave a comment

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