EXCERPT: “ROGUE: The Gabrielle-Axis Conspiracy CHAP. 5

EXCERPT: "ROGUE: The Gabrielle-Axis ConspiracyCHAP. 5 Fortaleza, Brazil:Mendoza BioResearch, LLC Amunta, still in position overlooking Mendoza BioResearch, had loaded and fired two additional Buzzer rounds, nailing both of her new targets: Brianna Fontaine and Epifania. By the time she had gotten back into her cloaked Aston Martin, she noticed both targets quickly began scanning the … Continue reading EXCERPT: “ROGUE: The Gabrielle-Axis Conspiracy CHAP. 5

Rogue—-#file 2921 Titan Delano

CLASSIFIED FILE: TITAN DELANO NATIONALITY: African-AmericanFACTION / ORG: AWN / B.S.U.NHGT: 5'7SELF-DEFENSE: N/AFIREARMS: N/ATECH: Expert Hacker / IT / Computer Prog.ALIAS: N/A See what he does in.."ROGUE: THE GABRIELLE-AXIS CONSPIRACY" COMING DEC. 2022 Sketch by F. Kenneth Art, LLC https://fkennethtaylor.com/