Upcoming novel by F. Kenneth Taylor

*** AMUNTA ZAGLHOUL WINGSUITS INTO BRAZIL *** Final Approach: Fortaleza City, Brazil: 0900hrs The steady hum of the C-130 was all too familiar to her and she could tell from the slight vibrational shift, they were close. The cargo bay lights switched from white to red just as her comms unit chimed. She tapped her … Continue reading Upcoming novel by F. Kenneth Taylor

On Location Series #34–Loch Raven Reservoir

Loch Raven Dam was initially constructed in the year of 1881. The chief purpose of the dam was to channel water from Lake Montebello to Lake Clifton. Further in time, a large lake was created to help increase the water supply in the local area, the township of Warren, which occurred in 1914. Even from … Continue reading On Location Series #34–Loch Raven Reservoir