Hungry For Wisdom (Friday Night Poetry Corner #110)

Pearls of Wisdom,
Pearls of Wisdom,



Greetings everyone and welcome, welcome to a late addition of “Friday Night Poetry Corner.” Yes I know we are heading into Sunday but hey, it is here at least:-)

Well this poet—


Made a disclosure that his poem doesn’t have direction in lack of better words on my part. I say that is part of art to come from different place this gentleman reached it. Visit his page view more of his poetry and til’ next time—

write, love, and talk and enjoy your life!


Haha, sorry I forgot to mention that the name of his joint is called  “Hungry for Wisdom”


Hungry for wisdom we all are
Looking here and there
Ignorance we can’t bear.
We look for her
And she screams for us, we refuse the transfer.

Tired of being simple
We were born to be kings and queens in our own temple.
Quiet the nonsense of your heart
The foolish thoughts of your mind, be more than smart.

Wisdom is calling
And if we don’t heath her call, we will be falling.
Acquiring understanding is not the same as being wise
The riddles offer advice
But you must hear her cries

En Español:

Hambre de la sabiduría que todos somos
Buscando aquí y allá
La ignorancia no se puede soportar.
Buscamos su
Y ella grita para nosotros, nos negamos la transferencia.

Cansado de ser sencillo
Hemos nacido para ser reyes y reinas en nuestro propio templo.
Silenciar el sentido de su corazón
Las ideas más torpes de su…

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