To choose or not to choose….. or well to like or not to like… Shadow Within A City book covers….

This is an old school post from our old wordpress blog but I am curious. What cover do you think was the best among the rest?

shadowkill city

Due to the near anticipation book release of Shadow Within A City we are asking everyone to please take part in a poll to see which cover design would best fit the book. Here are the listing of potential book covers; choose wisely, yet creativity…

Cover #1

Cover #2

Cover #3

Cover # 4

Cover # 5

Cover # 6

Cover # 7

Cover # 8

Cover # 9

Thanks again to everyone taking part in this poll…….

Your contribution to the fight against corruption is noted!!!!!

*Artwork drawn by Joel “Yoel” Charles, colored by F. Kenneth Taylor and graphic design by K.G. Bethlehem.  Copyright 2003; all rights reserved.

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