Friday Night Poetry Corner #231—Reflections by Jane Njeri Ngugi

Good evening everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner.


Before I begin, just give me a moment to talk about a good friend who passed away so quickly, abruptly that left such a hole in her loved ones’ hearts.  This includes her brilliant, thoughtful 13-year son.

Her name is Jane Njeri Ngugi.

Jane was one of the most beloved, smart, passionate, thoughtful human beings I have had the distinctive honor of meeting and forming a close bond.  We were a couple for a while, and even when we broke up, we were still good friends and loved each other.  She spent most of her adult life fighting for people’s rights who had been done wrong by any authority.  She also studied in various universities across the world and among her studies was writing.  Jane left his realm of existence on June 20th of 2020.


Jane was a fantastic writer, a gifted writer whose wordplay was so talented that she quickly made connections with the heart of the reader and real-life events.   Jane analysed human interactions as if she was a sociologist (to which she could have been one if she so desired) made her a great friend to many, a wonderful mother and all-around beautiful person to be around.  There is so much I could say, but the words would not measure up to the reality of her life.  She was a diamond, a precious gem and this world lost its chance to discover her.

The world lost such a brighten soul that it has grown dimmer.  The only good thing with her passing is that she left all of her teachings and thoughts with her intelligent son, whom I am sure will put it to good worth.


Now, with that said, I want to introduce you to Jane, the poet and her poem called “Reflections” is just that.  It describes self-reflection while in a relationship with his or her current environment.  Remember her name; remember her legacy.






Strolling down the lake

I was fascinated by the reflection that was staring at me,

I gazed at it with keen interest,

It was like meeting a familiar stranger, a feeling of dejavou.

I desired to talk to this image,

Tell her I was doing fine, or was it just my point of view?

A voice echoed in my head, and I chose to engage it in a dialogue.

Did I do okay?


I have been to the brink of turmoil,

Crawled down the abyss of despair

Shed that bottomless well of tears

So my friend I know what hell looks like.

I have also been loved and cared for,

Enjoyed the company of family and good friends

I have had a glimpse of heaven.

The voice asked in a whisper “did you watch the sun, rise or set?

Did you take time to express gratitude?”

I couldn’t, I was rushing through traffic lights and overcrowded subways,

Juggling between overwhelming schedules and pressing errands,

I didn’t pause to look at the cashier’s face at the restaurant

Or the man I bumped into when I was rushing for my train

Or the janitor I was impatient with because the slippery floor enforced me to slow down….

The reflection smiled at me and asked, “what did you do for me today?”

I fed you, exercised you but forgot to remind you how invaluable you are!


3 thoughts on “Friday Night Poetry Corner #231—Reflections by Jane Njeri Ngugi

  1. Condolences to you and everyone who loved Jane Njeri Ngugi. As you rightfully said the world has lost a wonderful soul but her light will shine through everyone she’s touched. This poem and many of her writings will live on forever and continue to shape and mold the minds of tomorrow.

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