She is by Maggie Watson (Friday Night Poetry Corner #240)

(Image above)—-Deliberation by Mario Sanchez Nevado.

Good evening everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. The first of this new year—2023. Tonight I am showcasing a wonderful poet name Maggie Watson and her work is called– “She is”

May I add it is written brilliantly.

In the Shadow of my Pen

(my own words)

October 2022

Sijmen van Hooff Unsplash Image

She is the moon, light and dark.

She is poetry, made of art.

She is the wind, a breeze or a storm.

She is ice, and she is fire.

But her heart remains locked with a code no one can decipher.

Copyright © 2022 Maggie Watson

All rights reserved

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Fragment by The Creative Chic (Friday Night Poetry Corner #238)

Good evening and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. I am sorry it’s been a while since I featured someone’s work, but I am sure you won’t be disappointed at tonight’s viewing. A nice piece of writing called “Fragment” written by a wonderful poet–The Creative Chic. Read more of this poet’s work on their blog when you get a chance!

The Creative Chic

just a fragment
of you
could undo me

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