Love Wins (Friday Night Poetry Corner #241)

Above pic is Love Surreal | Mermaid art by roses’ n thorns

Good evening and welcome everyone to another poetry corner for this Friday. Today I am showcasing this poem called “Love Wins” which was written by a fantastic writer name Marysa Writes. This poem just stopped me for a second, especially for today. Love does win and I won a little more by reading it.

Marysa Writes

For you, my love,
I would run confidently into battle,
and ready to exclaim our truths
that they will not acknowledge
without force.
I would bring a flower
to a gunfight,
just to prove my loyalty to cause,
a war without blood,
only us,
and victory amongst all odds
aimed against us.

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Friday Night Poetry Corner #231—Reflections by Jane Njeri Ngugi

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