Just moments in passing…

Sometimes in the moment, I need to put thoughts on paper or, more correctly, type thoughts on a computer screen. These past couple of years have been trying to say the least. Covid did no one who loves any favors as people that once surrounded me are now gone. And not by choice. I wish … Continue reading Just moments in passing…

Love Wins (Friday Night Poetry Corner #241)

Above pic is Love Surreal | Mermaid art by roses’ n thorns

Good evening and welcome everyone to another poetry corner for this Friday. Today I am showcasing this poem called “Love Wins” which was written by a fantastic writer name Marysa Writes. This poem just stopped me for a second, especially for today. Love does win and I won a little more by reading it.

Marysa Writes

For you, my love,
I would run confidently into battle,
and ready to exclaim our truths
that they will not acknowledge
without force.
I would bring a flower
to a gunfight,
just to prove my loyalty to cause,
a war without blood,
only us,
and victory amongst all odds
aimed against us.

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