Azulrun of the Coppice People

Drawing by Kevin Ray of St. Louis, MO
Azulrun aka Colorcode—Drawing by Kevin Ray of St. Louis, MO

Colorcode snapped back into the real world as the apparitions of Darken Fogs’ deception disappeared quietly in the back woods. The wary knight relinquished his color bend and continued his search within the accursed woods. The haunting air became more complex as the smell of limp flesh became detectable. The knight peered but more importantly listened with his mind for any signs of approaching evil. No sound came from the woods as his steps on the spongy soil engulfed his boots with polluted ooze. His heart stirred at an alarming rate until meditation calmed his radical spirit.

“I must not tarry in this accursed fog, I m-must find the talisman soon” Colorcode stammered quietly in the ghostly airs of the Darken Fogs.

Darkness fell more heavily on the woods as the knight searched for the elusive item of mystical proportions. The death woods’ spirit became more restless as the ground level sharply but mysterious rose up on a desolate hill. The dense fogs seemed to choke the air out of the brave knight as he trudged up the hill. Distorted trees hung sadly on the wretched path. The knight could hear no sounds at all from the accursed woods. Not even natural sounds as running water were detectable. His heart slowed to a slumber, his eyes twitched nervously as scattered sunlight fled from the haunted skies. He wondered where this imperiled evil would be lurking and how it would attack, but with boldness he hiked on to the top of the damping hill. Colorcode instinctively blended in next to a gray boulder covered in brown ivy, watchful to avoid yet another evil. Quietly he disguised himself as one with the rock as another eerie blight phantom hover past him. This entity had red eyes and translucent armor dripping acid upon the soil. As the fluid touched the ground smoldering holes formed in the black earth. In horror he viewed the ghoul’s face, its likeness that of a woodland dwarf of the Great Plains of Talon. The other apparitions he had seen had different faces but the same reddened eyes of wicked purpose.

“These phantoms must be the souls of the travelers who unwisely ventured into Nephilin’s Sorrow,” thought the knight to himself. The knight, still in disguise, stared to his right where the phantoms seemed to have disappeared. “I’d better get going.”

As Colorcode stepped out of disguise he ventured forward only a few feet before a shock of some kind pierced his head. He turned around and saw a grayish phantom coming straight at him with its ghostly hands extended.

“Let up too soon……” The good knight’s words were cut off as he somersaulted to the left in an effort to evade the ghostly evil. The reddened eyes focused back on the living essence of warm blood as he drew out his sword and took a swing at the apparition. The action was folly as his sword sliced only the tainted earth of Nephlim’s Sorrow. The apparition seemingly laughed at the efforts of Colorcode as its mouth cringed ajar showing hollow jagged teeth. The knight knew he must end this quickly so the DeathStalker would not become aware of his presence, and so he stepped backwards with his sword still exposed. The ghost floated towards the knight this time with both arms up as a swirl of Darken Fogs grew around him. Colorcode suddenly remembered the unusual staff he had found back at Sadderlings Keep and in one motion pulled the staff off of a hook on the back of his wooden armor.

“This ought to do something, I hope.”

He then dropped his sword and pointed the staff towards the phantom. In an amazing show of magic, the staff illuminated a bright light that engulfed the immediate area. The phantom suddenly vanished without making a sound as the good knight stared in wonder at the bone staff.

“Morf’s life, that was close,” Colorcode uttered as he placed his sword back into his sheath. He marveled at the staff he had found at the ruins of Sadderlings Keep in awe of the incredible powers it possessed. “I need to be more watchful next time. I’d better go before any others come for revenge.”

Colorcode once again resumed his journey into the Darken Fogs in search of the divided Talisman of Timbuktu.



—Excerpt from Chapter Six of Avenging Knights “Rebirth of Lost Honor”

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