“The Eline Klina Nactrica” Avenging Knights

*New Cover, same fantastic story! A new evil has arisen in 4th Lebos. It's become known as the Doomonster, and its destructive force dwells in another dimension. In exchange for all of the gold in 4th Lebos, the Doomonster captures and imprisons Mela, a sorceress whose powers are deep in the golden world. But when … Continue reading “The Eline Klina Nactrica” Avenging Knights

The writer in me looks for validation

There are times, notably as a writer, you watch shows and movies for enjoyment, but in essence, it’s a study of the human condition. You see, actors and actresses, formidable in their craft as they portray valid emotions in stressful circumstances as the scene calls for it. Sometimes it relates to your past actions in … Continue reading The writer in me looks for validation