Coming to SMCCON!!!

I, along with Taurus Willaims, head artist and creator of the "City of Navero" comic book series ( will be at the Southern Maryland Comic Con in Waldorf, Maryland, on October 15th, 2022, from 10 am-4 pm. The location will be 3033 Waldorf Market Place Waldorf, MD 20603, the local community center in Charles County. … Continue reading Coming to SMCCON!!!

From the Days of Morf (Avenging Knights accounts)

It all fell from mercy here, at the bottom of the world. They silently asked for cruelty, many voices that murmured like droplets of acid on steel in the dark. Their eyes, hideous burning eyes, brighten the Caves of Cabenook, on a path leading to even lower depths. This brave man walked unwaveringly without caring … Continue reading From the Days of Morf (Avenging Knights accounts)