Omnia familia est


I can tell you the importance of being with family. The subtle moments of difficult and thoughtful conversations that would ache you for days before having them. I can tell you the joy of loving a mother, father, and a brother. That is my description of my family.

Or I can disclose the love for my daughter, such a beautiful little human, her smile lights my soul and to be more exact warms my intellect in staying humble. I could not even witness love in another way like the relationship with my daughter, I can tell you that.

My extended family is my treasure ones. The people I see not as often as I want to but when I do it was as if time stood frozen and move with the next encounter. Just wonderful, even absence makes the heart grow fonder eh?

I agree with that wholeheartedly.

I want to speak on my cousin Tanya Daniel. She is a very thoughtful, caring, intelligent being who God honored me to have her as my blood. A full-time teacher, adviser, and specialist of challenging children her work is always full. Her days are long, only with the exception of the summer break :o). One thing for sure, she help me in many ways. She edited projects of mines and without any need for payment (I do send gift cards people so don’t blast me ;o). The projects are rather long manuscripts that she would work on during the school year but without any hesitation or exculpation. I marvel at such commitment, importantly at such a good heart to take on such tasks so freely.

I salute you cousin and I love you.

Family is everything, just the essence of a peaceful soul. It is like your chi in relations with good vibrations. Wonderful feeling. I can not speak for others who’s situation with their family is far from nirvana but if that is the case take care of yourself please.

Negative energy regardless of who it comes from is toxic to your spirit.

This must not happen, please don’t let this happen.

In the case of Tanya, she would be far press to allow such iniquities to exist.

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