Coffee Shop Story (Friday Night Poetry Corner #35)


First off “S”
Fucking awesome!
Welcome good peoples to another edition of Friday Night Poetry Corner, this time #35!!!! The feature poet for this evening is a poet called “S” (fucking awesome name). The poem is called “Coffee Shop Story.” First off, it’s a great poem, great voice and nice flow. Second, I love coffee shops. Third, I love coffee. Forth, I love cigars. Fifth, I love cigars at coffee shops. Sixth, did i say coffee? Seventh, this is a nice, creative work from the blog called POETIC MIDNIGHT. Visit this poet and relax off the vibe…

Take care, and thanks for stopping by for a few.

poetic midnight

imagine we’re in a coffee shop
you were busy with your coffee
i was busy writing
somehow i caught myself looking at you
a familiar stranger
maybe i was writing about you
maybe i was thinking about you
but, everything will always be maybes
until it’s going to be the same moon
you’re looking at
as i look out my window tonight
loving you is fast
as fast as this opportunity might pass me by
as fast as the coffee shop’s door will closed
behind you

– S –

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3 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Story (Friday Night Poetry Corner #35)

  1. I wouldn´t have started reading the poem if it wasn´t for your enthusiasm for it 🙂

    Very nice poem by this man. I need to participate in One of these Friday Night poetry session if you let me.I´ll try to do my best to not crumble the whole night poetry thing with one of my level of writing.


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