Forgive And Let Go (Friday Night Poetry Corner #236)

Good evening everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week I am featuring this wonderful, serious writer—Kayla Lewis. Her work is called “Forgive and Let Go.” This poem, well for me move quite a few emotions. Sometimes it’s hard to let go, past pain can create a person and make them comfortable with being uncomfortable. Yet I believe this poem will make you look at yourself and question such a direction. Hopefully, it will start you on with having a conversation about change. Please visit Ms. Lewis’s page, I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

The Inner Workings Of An Anxious Mind

Ever see good in someone or something that was never there? I have on a few occasions with now ex friends. I guess I really wanted there to be good so that is what I saw. I tricked my mind because with my heart I loved them. But it is time to let go, and this is a poem about that. I know I do not have to forgive anyone that has wronged me. But I do it for mental peace. I have to do more letting go and not letting back in though. I know that now. Mentions of mental health, bullying and trauma.

You can forgive a person

And not let them back in.

Protect your heart

From them tearing it apart.

I saw good in them

Where there wasn’t any.

Because with my heart,

I loved them.

I could not help it.

Sometimes the heart

Does not…

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Kantyi Sora

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