Blog for March 23, 2014 (Two5m Productions)


“Very emotional scenes, that made even us cry–it was good, all around good thing.”

These words were echoed by the lovely yet gifted thespian Annette Twyman. She remembered a long, tiresome, fruitful 3 hours of production held on March 22, 2014.

“9am to 12pm, we arrived but really didn’t get started until 10:15 or so. Preparing, facing struggles in front of us. We carried on…”

Annette remarked on struggles of cast members; ones who were sick and some who could not make it due to unexpected situations. Some who broke light bulbs on the set that made the filing of the scene take longer than it needed to. All of these things tested the patience and resolve of all cast members, actors and actresses pushed to their boundaries, but one thing stood out front

None of them gave up and carried onward for completion of their goal.

Their goal was accomplished much to the delight of everyone involved. She recalled even when tired, tearful, she was still happy and praising God for presenting such a life struggle. They were tested, their faith strained and all of them did not fail to live up to their teachings of Christ. Forgiveness and forbearance goes a long way in the development of character.

To the embodiment of a peaceful spirit who could smile even if it was the last thing they wanted, needed to do. These are the people one would need to have around them to get things done.

The club of “no excuses” and friendship bathed in commitment.

So in closing Annette expressed a testimony of purpose, her talents to her are second to none to the love of Christ who strengthens her. It is far to easy to be a firm rock in comfort times than in harsher ones.

To that one must say…

Well done :o)

by K. G. Bethlehem

Additional Entry; by Rosie L. Rogers CEO of Christian Women Network

As I prepared to film, I understood the challenges that lay ahead of us.  I had a choice to make; cancel the shoot, or persevere. My choice is obvious. I decided to go off script and film improv using the 4 available actors. We discussed the scenario and finally started rolling. The scene started strong went to a good place and then took an unexpected turn.  A turn that I as director and actor did not see and could not have scripted better.  Although extremely real and emotional, the raw emotions of transforming into the truth of the story took over each actor and created an unforgettable moment. For me, it confirmed that the challenges were meant to make us give up and miss this moment that is sure to be a great ride for the viewing audience. I am thankful and blessed to work with such extraordinarily gifted artists.

We will go on!

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