A message from K.G. Bethlehem- upcoming projects & more…

Upcoming projects and valuable information from yours truly with talks regarding Some Unique Magazine LLC.  ​​​​ ​​

Books, Jazz, Coffee, and Smoke–Sci-Fi & Poetry discussion. 

Greetings everyone! Books, Jazz, Coffee, and Smokes are back again--tonight starting at 8pm central time! Our show tonight is about Sci fi and poetry. So my poets and Sci fi fans and writers please call and listen tonight!!  Oh, call and recite some good poetry 😊  #KgBethlehem #fkennethtaylor #BJCS #bookhouse #radiocrown #munchwagon #hanginwithwebshow   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/someuniquemag/2017/05/11/poetry-meets-sci-fi