Rosie Rogers “The Journey.” Introduction in progressive thought…


“You don’t make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas.”

Shirley Chisholm

Determined people always amazes me. The true convictions in their speech; goals planned out without any hints of excuse making. Loyal to their art and also loyal to the commitment of classic entertainment but more importantly…

Presenting an educational theme of humble morality.

I met with two dynamic woman today; Rosie Rogers (CEO of Christian Women Network and Two5m Productions, Writer, Director, Producer, Comedienne) and Annette Twyman (Writer, Actress) in a meeting of the minds for future plans. The meeting was a discovery of what we could do with one another. Both spoke honestly about their goals, drives, loves, and commitment to values as an educational vehicle for change. Play-writings, television, blogging, spoken word and teaching values of the Christian faith along with encompassing the moral guidance of a community. They were very open minded and viewed creation of a platform for new artists with their attention primary directed towards women. I must strongly note that their ideas include men as well in an effort to develop their talents that is not mutually exclusive from promoting their centralize objective. It is a great outset for change and creative thinking.

I strongly agree with their sentiments.

The background of both; especially Rosie Rogers whose past history of being a comedian, entertainer, and published author, script writer, director, and now CEO (Christian Women Network to an internet television station very soon) is wealth that one can not and should not disregard. Only a foolish one would, without giving her a chance to showcase her talents and consequently display the talents of others whose voice would be muffled otherwise. I sat there and looked into her eyes and saw no pretense from her; only strong-willed commentary with a modest tone. Unquestionably a description of a leader, an imaginative leader I might add.

Then we have Annette Twyman; accomplished thespian whose faith in God can not be denied. Her talents as an actress is on high levels; creativeness, gift of talking and conveying tender emotions with a hint to comedic pain. Her future is her own and her own to cherish and progress to whatever she wants to be.

Yes, in other words her future is very bright; like Alpha Cancri bright.

In conclusion, be on the look out for the up and coming blog called Rosie Rogers “The Journey.” A guide for all beginning artists who wants and needs a venue to showcase their creative works, talents, and making a dream a reality to all who appreciates great art from humble beginnings. The blog will show step by step the progression of Christian Women Network and Two5m Productions on a weekly basis. This will be a poignant look in the development of a television network so if you all want to see this occur from the ground up..

Be on the look out for this enlightening blog.

Oh, if you are an all-around art lover, we welcome you as well…

K. G. Bethlehem

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One thought on “Rosie Rogers “The Journey.” Introduction in progressive thought…

  1. priceless quote and post KD, but you know and I know its easy to write a priceless quote, but really tough to follow it in own life!

    Sorry, election is just around the corner, my brother, being a man is hooked to newschannels, and right after opening my eyes i listen to those buffooons lying their heads off… oh they can lie!!!!!


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