A city within a city, covered in shadows that surface dust… Midwest City, MO

“I relate freedom to voting, an illusion for others to live by…” remark High Mayor Cuttlas Brand.

The wait is almost over; the beginning of an adventure of gritty yet poignant values is almost here. The rebel fraction; well more so a group of free thinkers are fighting against the corruption of the authority of Midwest City, MO (formerly St. Louis, MO which was nearly destroyed by the 2010 earthquake).

A dystopian world; location urban metropolis with a strong Midwestern favor connected by the interpersonal technology of tele-camaras and tele-vision mics truly shows how controlled societies progress after a traumatic event. An illusion of being free but what’s more important is that an illusion can’t hurt you, well not physically or mentally if you have no knowledge of what is happening, or disbelieving the idea of being kept away from information that shapes the lives of your community even if your input was not asked or even inquired for you to choose to give.

A house, decent money, advances in personal technology and entertainment that’s within reach of the citizens create two visible classes:

Mid-range Class Acceptance

Mid-limited Class Acceptance

The upper class was never discussed via media sanction entities, but as alluded to being part of the small ruling classes which were the politicians and business authority. Government and business at least were combined together. Their checks and balances were in the form of only being deemed valuable from the vote of the elected High Mayors of each city which in turn each mayor was voted in by the population.

The Elections of Democracy Tatarships; a new phrase that was created with the election of 1-person rule who elect other 1-person rulers who also enact laws created by the few for control and authority of the many.

In short welcome to the world of the Northern Atlantic Front (NAF; formerly known as the United States of America with combined lands of old Canada and Mexico).

Welcome the Security Council of the Atlantic Front (SCAF; all combined local, state, federal and international law enforcement, intelligence, and military institutions).

Welcome the Western Institute of Science and Knowledge (WISK; combined education, medical mental/physical, as well as any utility technology).

Welcome the High Courts of Western Lands (combined local, state, and federal court systems as well as other minor bureaucratic institutions that are not under SCAF, and WISK).

Welcome all to SHADOW WITHIN A CITY…

(coming out this month everyone!!!)

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