Creations from a madman…

Who, or what are the Triborgs? Ask Dr. Simeon Africanus… he created them!

“I create life and you dare talk to me like we are equals?! Kill yourself before life cruelly does it slowly…”

Dr. Simeon Africanus speaking to a low level gangland member.

See the Triborgs, ClawStalk & DerthFang in action in “Shadow Within A City II: Ghost Squad’s Apocalypse”

(Avail. on Amazon). #swacuniverse #kgbethlehem #fkennethtaylor #dystopianfiction #scifantasy #writerscommunity #antiutopia

Sketches by: Joel Charles & Kevin Ray

3 thoughts on “Creations from a madman…

    1. Thank you and appreciate you taking the time to read it. I corrected a few typos that were in the initial post. The books Shadow Within a City II is currently on sale on Amazon and Barnes and noble if you are interested

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