Tribunal (Friday Night Poetry Corner #234)

Good evening everyone and welcome to another Friday night poetry corner. This evening I'm presenting one of my past poems. This poem is really old and I can't think of the actual year I wrote it but it was definitely pre-millennium. I hope you guys enjoy it. The name of this piece is called "Tribunal" … Continue reading Tribunal (Friday Night Poetry Corner #234)

Untitled by Derek Arthur (Friday Night Poetry Corner #233)

(Picture by Bill Domonkos)

Good evening and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week and I am featuring a short work of poetry. I think you guys know I have a “thing” for short poems that are powerful and direct. It’s a bias but this work is powerful. It is untitled and it is written by Derek Arthur. Please when you get a chance visit this poet’s page and read more of his work!

Also please stay safe out there. We are still in the storm but it will have an opening of calmness eventually.

Tangent Prose

Angel, where are you?

My dreams show your face, but life

Is painfully cold.

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