Black History—Gertrude Margaritte Ivory Bertram

Gertrude Margaritte Ivory Bertram was born in Clarkesville, Georgia on February 17, 1916. In 1937, Bertram began nursing school at Brewster Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. After graduation, Bertram joined the Army Nurse Corps in May 1941. She was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where she worked as a ward nurse. In February 1943, Bertram … Continue reading Black History—Gertrude Margaritte Ivory Bertram

Friday Night Poetry Corner #165-Comment On War

There is really no need of an introduction for this man. He is the late, great Langston Hughes. You truly want to read more about him, if you don't know, look up the Harlan Renaissance. This is a personal favorite of mine's. I used this poem before but I don't care. Its need for our … Continue reading Friday Night Poetry Corner #165-Comment On War