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Did Einstein & Oppenheimer Draft an Alien-Human Interaction Protocol?

To all science in the realm of space and discovery (maybe sci-fi?) You will love this…

A. Haver


It appears that they may have.  Again, in the Internet wilds there exists a document that outlines  the thoughts of these two brilliant scientists in regards to human contact in the modern era with alien civilizations. This document was claimed to have originated from a Freedom Of Information request, and one which escaped the black magic marker of copious redactions. Maybe the two scientists felt that something needed to be drafted being that the document is dated June 1947, an infamous hotbed period for UFO sightings and interaction.  What is not known from the doc date is whether it was written before the craft sightings of Arnold on June 24, 1947 or after, and remember that barely two weeks after Arnold’s claims, the world gets Roswell.  Either way the timing is important as was the fact that these two did know each other, and the fact that both men…

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