Autumn Calling (Friday Night Poetry Corner #282)

Good evening and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner (The one and only for this month). I think some of you know that Fall is my favorite time of year. So to showcase my love for this season, here is a beautiful poem from a fantastic poet. Please visit this writer’s page and enjoy more well-written works!

Words and Coffee Writing


Shuffling feet brush tawny needles across the path,

scattering their fragile splayed fingers.


Sunlight ripples through emptying branches,

forming breezy bridges of shadows.


Wind carries songs of harvest, the taste of damp,

and the crushing pressure of lost time.


Yellow leaves catch on the clasp of your coat,

crunch under your fingers and pool underfoot.


The seasons carry tides for the sea bereft.

The best walk is an autumn trail hand in hand.

I believe I just wrote a Caldralor. Maybe? That was this week’s prompt from the Wea’ve Written Weekly (W3) at the Skeptic’s Kaddish. Sylvia Cognac provided a haunting poem and some guidance on the Cadralor form.

Numbering is apparently an element of a Caldralor. I feel strange mixing numbers with my poetry, the same way I felt when I took algebra and my middle school teacher started tossing x’s and y’s…

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Curves in the Road in Winter by Shaunelius Sterns (Friday Night Poetry Corner #281)

Good evening everyone, and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. Tonight I am featuring a wonderful writer, with a different style of poetry that I am sure you will find creative and fascinating. Shaunelius Sterns, and her poem called “Curves in the Road in Winter.” Please visit her page and read more of her works. You seriously doubt you will be disappointed.

Diva's Poetry

Where Will the Curves Take You?

Winter snow blows in unexpectedly on a cold winter day turning the sky from white to gray. Flurries cascade down softly as the trees stand still catching everyone that falls. The chill in the breeze freezes the ground leaving black ice on the road.

What can one do except dream of driving to a place where it is warm and snow free. Where does the curve lead? What awaits one beyond it? Snow graces everything beautifully, but the green in the trees can still be seen, they never took their winter’s nap until Spring.The grass that sleeps beside the road which curves to an unknown destination relaxes under the white blanket quietly. Nothing crawling in and out to disturb it; must be blissful.

One never knows when snow is going to blow in and leave her white powder all over everything for us…

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