The many faces of the Keltmanger called Jajin…

The many faces of Jajin... "Where is this---Sharpstar? So I can destroy him, in congratulations, of a job well done..." -Jajin a Keltmanger as his body finally transform from wind to solid (except from Avenging Knights Rebirth of Lost Honor) #writing #fantasy #kgbethlehem #writingcommunity On sale at:

On Location Series #23–Bear’s Den Park (Raven Rock trail)

My journey on Raven Rock Appalachian trail was a tough one as it harbors steep hills with rocky terrain.   The winding paths create such an obstacle, more so internally as I wondered when would I ever reach the end, the conclusion of my journey. I was not surprised that I only ventured to the middle … Continue reading On Location Series #23–Bear’s Den Park (Raven Rock trail)