“You assumed I wouldn’t notice”

A year has passed as the cold winter started to diminish across Harlem finally. This passage of time halted the schemes of many, primarily evil men. The club scene was still at its height of brilliance in the form of soulful music. Regrettably, the drug scene was just as decisive, if not more of an … Continue reading “You assumed I wouldn’t notice”

Upcoming project—somewhere in 2022

An upcoming fictional novelette by K.G. Bethlehem (author of Certain Moments of Time, She is to be remembered) will look into a real-life tragic event, days before the riots of East St. Louis, Illinois, the year of 1917. Follow Kujit Peebles, a 19-year-old African American young man, as he tries to navigate through the everyday … Continue reading Upcoming project—somewhere in 2022