Roe v Wade overturned – a poem (Friday Night Poetry Corner #277)

Good evening everyone. Here is another Friday Night Poetry Corner that is much deserved due to the events of the day. I will fall back while this wonderful, painful poem is read….

ASHES AND DEW—“Roe v Wade overturned – a poem”

How Have Women Fought Against Oppression Throughout History? For centuries, feminists have struggled against the oppression of women. What is the concept of oppression exactly, and how have women fought it?  Rod Foster

Ashes and Dew

(Raised pro-life, this is my amendment)

I am numb
you need government force
to stop pregnant women from 
killing their own flesh and blood?

Like they do it without a thought?

Maybe it has happened without a thought
tearing at her red womb
her body rejecting it
chromosomal errors, illness
lack of support
a fluke
stress, fear for her life and livelihood
that of her child
(maybe once we have compassion for each other
we can extend it to the unborn)
out of all the reasons a pregnancy may not be completed,
Murderous intent toward unborn life isn’t one.

Is the woman’s a valuable life in this situation?

deserving of care
with a future
once she can grow another?
(women give so much, we expect
them to just take it
—grab from the earth,
—more more more
expect her to support us
without respecting her)

where does her autonomy go

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