Black History—Plessy v. Ferguson

Plessy v. Ferguson was a landmark 1896 U.S. Supreme Court decision that upheld the constitutionality of racial segregation under the “separate but equal” doctrine. The case stemmed from an 1892 incident in which African American train passenger Homer Plessy refused to sit in a car for Black people. Rejecting Plessy’s argument that his constitutional rights … Continue reading Black History—Plessy v. Ferguson

Black History—Jemmy, leader of the Stono Rebellion

Jemmy, leader of the Stono Rebellion, the largest and deadliest revolt by enslaved people in colonial British North America, was most likely born in the Kingdom of Kongo, now part of Angola, and brought as a slave to the British colony of South Carolina in the 1730s. Although his exact origins are not known, the … Continue reading Black History—Jemmy, leader of the Stono Rebellion