♫♫Listen good soldier Don’t think ahead Listen to the Commanders From the books you read. March good soldier March to the land Listen for the howling Of the Viking clans. Listen good soldier Listen very well Once a brave soldier We’ll never touch Hell Learn good soldier Learn what you can Memorize your enemy To … Continue reading Astronomical

2nd Annual St. Louis Author Invitational

ST. LOUIS AUTHORS, WE STILL HAVE OPEN SLOTS! REGISTER TODAY! MEET A FEW OF OUR AUTHORS: - Christopher Kaiser - Kevin G. Daniel aka K.G. Bethlehem - Jessica Matthews - Norris Roberts Jr. - Cavanaugh Welch - Ben Moeller-Gaa - And More! — with Shareca Sheabrown Pitts and 30 others. #author #authorfestival #writer #kgbethlehem #literature … Continue reading 2nd Annual St. Louis Author Invitational