Friday Night Poetry Corner #249-IS TRUTH LIBERATING? By Haki Madhubuti

Good evening everyone. To honor Black History Month I am featuring this brilliant poet, Haki Madhubuti and his work called "Is Truth Liberating?" Hope you enjoy it! IS TRUTH LIBERATING? By Haki Madhubuti if it is truth that binds why are there so many lies between lovers? if it is truth that is liberating why … Continue reading Friday Night Poetry Corner #249-IS TRUTH LIBERATING? By Haki Madhubuti

Frost at Dawn by Ruthpartridge (Friday Night Poetry Corner #248

Good evening everyone and welcome to another, exciting installment of Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week, I am presenting a fantastic bit of writing by a wonderful poet name Ruthpartridge. Her poem is called “Frost at Dawn,” a very accurate title due to the current season we are living in (well, in most parts of the United States). Please visit this writer’s page and read more of her work!

*all works “Frost of Dawn” copyrighted ruthpartridge

My Devon Life

That time between shaded
Dawn and morning,
In frailty of perfection;
Earth lays down on frosted ground
Stillness and clarity
To seduce the mind
On distant views
Just out of bounds
Though view,restriction cannot hold
It serves to sate the soul;
Transient it embraces
Ephemeral white and laced
Before transfigured it
Resumes its green stained hue.
Under a latent sun.

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