Toxic by Kim Whysall-Hammond (Friday Night Poetry Corner #264)

Good evening and welcome, welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week a fantastic poet, Kim Whysall-Hammond has honored us with an amazing work of writing. Her poem called “Toxic” might have you think a certain way when you finish it.

…and I strongly advise you to finish it 🙂

“virulent suffering” Graphic design by myself

The Cheesesellers Wife

I’m so tall, I’m so tall
Yet you raised me to be so small

As waves wash an uncaring shore
So I would wash you with my love

As they caress rocks and pebbles
I used to kiss your uncaring cheek

Waited with the patience of waves
For you to regard me

To see the woman I had become
As someone you could be proud of

That tide went out years ago
I now walk a different shore

I’m so tall, I’m so tall
Yet you raised me to be so small

Copyright © 2021 Kim Whysall-Hammond

Misquote in italics from Living on the Ceiling by Neil Arthur and Stephen Alfred Luscombe

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AugPoWriMo 20 (Friday Night Poetry Corner #263)

Welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner!

It is not very often I find a poem for my poetry corner just after the first couple of minutes of searching for one. This goes to the heart of the over year long current event. I will let you read this short yet brilliant piece of writing and decipher for yourself.

Joshua Keiter

In retrospect 
it was naive to think
we could get through this

when at the start
we were teaching
some of our neighbors
how to wash their hands

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