Friday Night Poetry Corner #252–a version of two places…

Good evening everyone and yes, it is another Friday Night Poetry Corner.  This week I am featuring one of my poems and it is called "a version of two places..."  I really hope you guys will enjoy it and please give me some feedback.  Feedback is great for writing đź™‚ a version of two places…  Once at the time … Continue reading Friday Night Poetry Corner #252–a version of two places…

Yesterday’s ghost (Friday Night Poetry Corner #247)

Good evening everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week a very insightful poet name CatTea wrote this piece that is definitely heartfelt (well at least to me) of the human condition. The name of this poem is called “Yesterday’s ghost.”

Please visit CatTea’s blog and read more of this writer’s work.

My Disordered Self

I feel my thoughts

Pull at my limbs

Like a ghostly child

Nagging for sweets.

They are there, hovering

Not in my head,

Not current thinkings

But the after images

Of yesterday’s mind.

An entity, unknown

Not quite there but

Not quite gone.

The remnants of a nightmare

That stays the next day.

Do I invite it back in

To console and calm it,

Or do I attempt exorcism?

It scares away sleep,

Banishes hope.

Leaves me alone with it


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