Clouding the lining (Friday Night Poetry Corner #275)

It wasn't pleasing… Secular veinExisting between shadowy lightHate the look of seeingLight hated to escapeThe blessing of a darken day He asked for onlookersHe wanted all to knowHe was still thereHe stood with luminescenceBut trapped within iniquity It was a cloudy dayBut confused with dusk… It was a sunless momentDestin for Clarity? -K. G. Bethlehem

Two children by Muskan Sharma (Friday Night Poetry Corner #266)

Good evening everyone, and welcome to another installment of the Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week I am showcasing a poem that is nicely written with them of psychological intrigue. This poet, Muskan Sharma’s fantastic poem called “Two children” is a must read. Enjoy, but please read it with the lights on.


At the stroke of midnight hour
I can hear murmur and the sound of footsteps
Moving around in the house.
The sound of things being shifted and moved
From here and there wake me up
But i pay not much heed.
And for the next 45 min it goes on.
In the morning when the sunlight drags itself in And the tranquil fills in my home
I see everything better than it was yesterday,
Nothing seems to be broken,
And nothing seems to be missing,
Before i leave the house to slog myself
In the chaotic verse of corporate
My home looks as good as it could ever get.
No pile of clothes, no dishes undone,
No TV remote lying on the floor.
Even microwave is switched off,
But that’s not how i expect it to be,
I am a slave to the outer world,
And a prisoner of my…

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