Interview with Dellani’s Tea Time

Hey everyone!! On October 10th I will be part of Dellani's Tea time with my author friend Esmy at 4 pm EST. This is a wonderful podcast with a fantastic host so please join us for a relaxing conversation about our latest projects and current musings…

“New eyes, old world”–Razorblade’s dream..

  “Sir, I had better not go to Nephlin’s Sorrow,” cried a serious Dogsircore. “If I do embark on such a quest I will attempt to kill Prim myself even though he is the Deathstalker.” “……and waste your life,” retorted a stern Razorblade. “Then you will not go, it would be foolish,” replied Sharpstar. He … Continue reading “New eyes, old world”–Razorblade’s dream..