The Sacred Lake (Friday Night Poetry Corner #243)

Good evening and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week I am featuring a poem from Akram’s Diary called “The Sacred Lake.” It is very well written, and I am sure you will want to visit this writer’s blog to read more of their work! I think you will.

Akram's Diary

We sat beside an ancient, sacred lake

In the sweet forest, ‘neath the cool moon’s wake

The passage of time erodes our lust for life

Seldom have we wandered so far from strife

A frozen moment by the old pine tree

A slow demise of suffering and anarchy

And a gentle easing of our troubles, pain

We laugh like frantic infants, to stay sane

Ah, Beloved, do you like this bower by the lake?

We congregate in this insane theater

To propagate our wisdom, make it clearer

“Hear us out,” we shout, “oh people of old”

“Listen to us, let our story be told”

Can you hear the birds crooning in the trees?

The dogs barking from afar, carried on the breeze?

Can you hear the elders of the forest weep and cackle?

Their secrets hidden in the rustling leaves’ crackle

Hear us out, lift the blinders of your mind

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Poem: Wildflowers Swim (Friday Night Poetry Corner #242)

Good morning everyone (yes, this will be a very late poetry corner post–I know). Welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. Today I am featuring a wonderful writer, Nomadic Noesis, and her poem, “Wildflowers Swin.” It is a nicely written piece, and please visit her page to read more of her works.

Nomadic Noesis

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on

I like flowers, so I’m writing about them again for day 22 in the City of Refuge Poem-a-Thon.

Wildflowers swim

Wildflowers swim in a sea of grass
breaking to the surface, dipping back
below the green, gliding to and fro
as the wind creates ripples and waves
petal overlapping petal like scales
on fish, they bob and undulate.
If I dangled a raindrop on a hook
could I catch one?

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