On Location Series #43–White Oak Canyon Trail

April 23, 2023—

Man, this was a grueling yet stimulating trail!

White Oak Canyon Trail is located in Shenandoah National Park, Syria, Virginia. My friend Angel picked out this spot a few weeks ago and remarked on the moderate difficulty in completing it. We were joined by a newcomer, Lorenzo, who was glad to embark on a trek in the woods.

The weather today was much better than the previous outing. Instead of cold air and drizzle, we had sun and a light cool breeze. The trail circles many waterfalls as we leisurely walk up the rocky part of the path. The scramble became more intense the further we ventured; the winding trail transformed the course into a more strenuous one. If one needs to see the swift transition from easy to moderate to intense, White Oak Canyon is that trail. In just over three hours, we were moving closer to the top, the trail’s end. I must confess we changed the initial goal of just crossing past the first waterfall.

Lorenzo did exceptionally well as this was his first hike, and he went from an effortless trek to one of the most challenging hikes in this section of the park. 

I think I will let the other pictures and videos tell the rest of this account…

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