Prim dances with Death…

The sound of amusement filled the accused Darken Fogs as the laughter now became a haunting echo in the mind of the brave knight. Colorcode ceased answering the evil that surrounded him and ran back down the path from whence he came. The foul wind now became a living gust as he was thrown down sharply on the black soil that felt like a cooking fire. Still grabbing his sword, the knight stood up and viewed the most horrifying whitish purple eyes hovering a few feet from him in midair. The knight was absolutely flabbergasted as the voice spoke unforgettable words that froze his soul in petrified splendor.


Obeying his natural instincts, Colorcode
instantly blended in with a tree. He saw a hefty black sword slicing down at his former position as smoke escaped from the accursed blade. With a quick glimpse, he viewed several blond hairs from the top of his head floating among the foul wind as the burning blade scarcely missed his head. His eyes watered as the thumping sound of a very large entity approached. The smoke blade lifted upwards in the shaded fogs but the cunning warrior did not see the possessor of the accursed weapon. He hid for about twenty minutes, so afraid that his chest was throbbing from the pounding of his heart. His disguise was flawless in protecting him but Colorcode knew he would eventually have to leave Nephilim’s Sorrow. For now, he is being hunted by the ill-famed; DeathStalker.

Sir Prim of Po

(Excerpt from Chapter Six of Avenging Knights Rebirth of Lost Honor)

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