Harper’s Ferry Redux–On Location Series #41

You know…

My daughter was my traveling buddy the last time I visited Harper’s Ferry.  It was a relaxing visit, with little hiking but more exploration of John Brown’s crusade and Storer College School.  Storer College was a historically black college in Harpers Ferry that operated from 1867 to 1955.  We ate lunch and visited several stores.  The afternoon was quite sunny and warm.  We ate ice cream before departing…

Now, this time—I hiked!

My friend Angel, a consistent hiking partner, journeyed with me to Harper’s Ferry National Park. This time I hiked the trails- notably Maryland Heights Trail.

This trail was located on the Maryland side of the river. As you can see, the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers are natural water boundaries between Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. From the pictures below, you can see part of it, especially when he observed the countryside from the first overlook. It was a tough climb to get there. We trek through rain and cool winds. The path was muddy, covered with rocks as the trees just started to regain their cover of leaves. We continued and decided to walk to the top of the small mountain.

The fog was nearly dense to the point visibility, if much thicker, would be a concern. The cover of fog gave way, so our path was clear even though our surroundings blinded us from viewing the general countryside. As you can see, we could not see anything; the sun stayed hidden, and light submitted for just a spell. We heard no sounds, well, very little. The atmosphere was eerie, the birth of a ghost story (Harper’s Ferry does have their fair share of ghost sightings). We carried on and saw the remnants of giant spaces that inhabited civil war cannons. Gifts of the Northern Army in their effort to repel the Confederacy from invading the Union.

After a long hike through the fog, rain, and silent wind, we explored the town, including the old church nestled near the outskirts. I saw a sign that offered “Ghost Sight Seeing!”

I’ll pass on that one, haha.

(See videos below)

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