On Location Series #42–Visiting Indian Head Trail of Charles County, Maryland

Indian Head Trail, located near the heart of Charles County, Maryland, is visited by runners, walkers, and cyclists throughout the year. Formerly a railroad, it was transformed into what we see today around 2009. The 13-mile paved rail trail moves beside creeks and through woods halfway across Charles County from the town of Indian Head on the Potomac River to the interior community of White Plains. The trail follows a retired railroad line built in 1918 to transport supplies to the U.S. Navy’s weapons facility on the Indian Head peninsula overlooking the Potomac River. Just a quick overview of the historical significance of the area for which I owed the TrailLink site; thanks for providing the information.

On March 4th this year, my daughter and I visited this trail, hoping to enjoy a quick walk on a cool afternoon. Cool is a generous term to describe this day as the weather, even with the exposure, gave us chilly breezes as companions. Our walk was swift, and while I took pictures, my daughter’s face crinkled up–she was not having happy thoughts regarding the cold. Even her love for picking colorful plants and small flowers was not apparent today. So, I decided not to walk half of the trail, and when we passed the waterway, we only walked a few feet further before turning around.

The path was visually stimulating. The waterway, along with signs describing the history and plant life of the area, was curious and very intriguing. We also saw a few people out; some strolled while others exercised on foot or bike. As the time trod past 3:15pm, we were already back at the car. The journey ended, but she told me she wouldn’t mind returning only if the weather was much warmer. I agreed and smiled. Any time with my little one is a blessed one that I won’t deny.

*See videos below—-

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