Constance Saxmous…

Constance did not say a word but closed her eyes as she began the enchantment, verses of a language beyond the days of the Muelves’ supremacy–before the land of saints. Baneful magic that disrupted the brilliance of the uchawi. She uttered it as the room began to lighten up—a gray color resembling rain clouds across the green plains of their kingdom. In great wonder, as this occurrence was happening, the boundaries of the city dimmed, the direct opposite of the room. The room changes from gray to yellowish as if the sun touches the walls and gives it life. Consequently, the city fell into near darkness, as if the sun hated them.

The onlookers stood in horror at what they witnessed, and most ran inside any dwellings they could find. The guards motioned for anyone left on the streets to get inside quickly; they knew this omen was the opening of a presence of evil. Conflict magic unleashed with little restraint the makings of a calamity.

Constance continued her séance, an effort to reach into the realm before the crimson gates. Everyone knew her as a masterful tracker, a gifted sword slayer. Still, none knew about her actual teachings of being a sorceress. Her powers could almost rival Mela if they ever met in battle. The room began to emote a low hum as time for a second by normal eyes stood still. She then spoke a word of many voices; the meaning was lost at this time but apart from the Muemurians. It was a forbidden word from a banned language.

Then it all began…

Upcoming novel–Avenging Knights Dominion of Wars

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