Friday Night Poetry Corner #241

Good evening and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week I am featuring one of my pieces which messes with the theme of dualism. Maybe?? Enjoy and thanks again for visiting this part of my world.

If nature were to marvel

I wish upon the midnight moon,
Essence of sound,
Silence of boom
Whispering is like grand commentary 
Witnessing the invisible yet unshaken 
A follower of the exemplary
Is like a contrast rain and aridity

Can I talk to Eshu?
Can I message the pattern of wanting
The denial of needing 
It is a confusing way of life.  
The triumph, the realness of the forever—-

And then there is Eshu…

Upon the balance day and night 

And then their is hope,
It was always—hope
The return of the forenoon

–K. G. Bethlehem

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