On Location Series #39–Annapolis Rock

The journey to and fro from Annapolis Rock…

This was, well, I am confident, the last hike of 2022. I might sneak one in December, but the outlook could look better.

The days have been escaping from me, and the changeable weather patterns left me slightly annoyed along with trying to finish a fantasy novel that should have been done—

A month ago.

Nevertheless, here I am and with my thoughts ingrained in the computer, shunning the use of pencil and paper while loving the untouched beauty of the dearest mother, Nature.  I wanted to walk miles on a rugged trail, climbing rocks to a suitable destination that would finish at the top of a large hill.

My friend Angel had an idea, let’s experience Annapolis Rock.

We were joined by another friend, Angel’s motorcyclist peer, named Willie. He lived around the area and was somewhat familiar with the park but never walked inside its boundaries. He was surprised at the length of the trek, as Angel and I were not. I hiked similar trails as this one, but something about it was different. The feel was quieter, if that makes any sense. The scenery was amazingly stunning, and the view across Frederick County made the journey worth it. Many others were on the trail, and we saw a couple repelling near the top. Others, like Angel and myself, jumped across several big rocks while the remaining visitors sat down to settle in for lunch.

As we walked onward, we found a few snakes scattered across the trail. I completely loved this trail, and I know you will surely share my admiration for it. But enough of me writing about this…

Please check out the collection of videos below. If you have a second, visit Annapolis Rock park in Fredrick County, Maryland.

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