Last of the Knights of the Light Seekers

It was nearing to the brink. The last of the oathman comings–the honor-bound of the Light Seekers. His heart stayed as brave as it could in front of an impassioned, impassable adversary. He was distant from aid, surrounded by darkness and fire.

Encased in self-doubt and bravery.

It was a thoughtful thing, you see. To be sustained by specious principles while being aware of such a dilemma.

His steps felt the same soil as those who walked in the bygone age of the Era of Despair. They confronted the same enemies with less. Of course, this did not help him as he was physically alone but spiritually well-guarded by the ones who came before him.

The ghosts of Morfingdom cloaked as allies of the unseen. Would it be enough for this day?

Sir Cedric hopes it to be…

(Avenging Knights’ lore–Era of the Days of Morf from the account to of the Redemption Wars)

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