Razorblade pays his respects…

Razorblade stopped suddenly at the next item, a statue of the third Ardoen Lord, Sir Cedric of Po. This warrior stood about 6’3” tall, and his eyes were a wide circle of power. He was also part of the olden sect, the Nordic Knights of Grace, in the kingdom of Ardoenia. The marble statue of this great knight showed the muscular arms and strong legs that were a display of his great potency. His sturdy hands grasped his hefty sword as his head turned slightly up towards the east while his long curly hair covered the left side of his solid bearded face. Sir Cedric was the Ardoen Lord who helped the Good Queen and King of the Past Days of Morf battle the Morlock Wizards and other evil creations that threatened the natural order of things.

Regrettably, under this great knight’s leadership, Sir Prim of Po, his brother from the Canaan Clan, betrayed his sect of the Knights of the Light Seekers, which caused the downfall of that order in subsequent generations. Razorblade had a close connection with this particular lord because the sect from whence Sir Cedric came evolved into the Nubia Tribe of nowadays. The secret that his father kept to his grave. The giant picture of the fourth Ardoen Lord hung on the far wall with three torches surrounding it in a guarding posture….

(From Chapter 4 of Avenging Knights “Rebirth of Lost Honor”)

*Artwork done by F. Kenneth Taylor

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