EXCERPT: “ROGUE: The Gabrielle-Axis Conspiracy CHAP. 5

EXCERPT: “ROGUE: The Gabrielle-Axis Conspiracy

Fortaleza, Brazil:
Mendoza BioResearch, LLC

Amunta, still in position overlooking Mendoza BioResearch, had loaded and fired two additional Buzzer rounds, nailing both of her new targets: Brianna Fontaine and Epifania. By the time she had gotten back into her cloaked Aston Martin, she noticed both targets quickly began scanning the area while poking at their necks and curiously staring at each other—they knew what they had been hit with. “What the?” Amunta whispered to herself as she casually reclined the driver’s seat and activated the vehicle’s camera to keep watch on her new targets. Both, Epifania and Brianna Fontaine had quickly drew their firearms.

“Since when does the EPA carry pistols,” Epifania rattled, pivoting to face Fontaine while maintaining a cautious eye on the area.

Fontaine smirked, “It’s a new policy for hostile regions.”

“Really?” Epifania chirped with sarcasm, “Is that right—Miss Brittany—if that’s your real name.”

“It is,” Fontaine barked in return, “Look, we know we didn’t shoot each other, so point that thing somewhere else, and I’ll do the same—there’s obviously a third party here somewhere.”

by F. Kenneth Taylor

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